How To Play

How to take part in a tournament

Download and register an account at 7Sultans, Platinum Play, Royal Vegas or Vegas PalmsOnline Casino. Click on one of the logos on the left side of this page.

Log into the 7Sultans,Platinum Play, Royal Vegas or Vegas Palms Online Casino software to begin andthen:

Click the 'Play Now' button

Double click 'Tournaments':

Double click on the tournamentyou want to take part in and follow the instructions that appear:

Instead of publishing youractual name on the Leaderboard, the first time you attempt to join a tournamentyou will be asked to create an alias or nickname which will be publishedinstead. Once you create this alias, it cannot be changed, and please rememberyou can only create one alias that will be used for all Microgaming casinosthat you play at.

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What Are Tournaments?

They are:

  • They are online slots tournaments playedin real time against other players, with a live leaderboard.
  • They are multiplayer: you play against other playersin real-time
  • Give you a chance to win a prize from a centralprize-pool known as 'the pot'
  • Start and end at specific times - keep an eye on youremail for details of tournament start times

When you play in a tournament, the 'Win Box' amountwill increase as you win. The Leaderboard shows your rank against other playersaccording to your 'Win Box' amount. The players with the highest ranking on theLeaderboard win the prizes according to the prize schedule.
You can view the Leaderboard:

  • In the casino lobby
  • When you are playing in a tournament amini-Leaderboard appears
  • At the end of the tournament your final position isshown as well as any prize amount you may have won

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Types of Tournaments

  • Scheduled Tournaments

Scheduled tournaments start at a fixed time accordingto the schedule. Scheduled tournaments are usually by INVITE ONLY - keep an eye on youre-mail and the casino 'Message of the Day' for details.
Types of Scheduled Tournaments: 'Guaranteed' and 'Freeroll'
'Guaranteed' tournaments require you to pay an entry fee to take part. There isno entry fee for a Freeroll. A minimum number of registered players arerequired before a scheduled tournament will start. The prize amounts for thetournament will be published before the tournament starts in the tournamentwindow in the casino lobby.

  • Sit 'n Go Tournaments

Sit 'n Go tournaments are NOT by invite only - anyonecan register and play. Sit 'n Go tournaments begin as soon as the minimum numberof required players has registered. Winners are displayed immediately once thetournament has ended.

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Some FrequentlyAsked Questions:

What is 'Play Time'?
'Play Time' is the number ofminutes you have to play during the tournament. Your 'play time' can beextended using the 'Continue' feature.
What is the 'Continue'feature?
Some tournaments will allowyou to 'continue' once you have run out of play time. This means that you willbe able to continue playing for a specified fee amount and your 'Win Box'amount will remain unchanged.
Can I play in any currency?
You can play in any supportedcurrency, although the entry fee and prize amounts are displayed in US Dollars.The entry fee and prize amount will be converted to the equivalent value inyour currency based on the exchange rates on the day that you register for thetournament.

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Tournament Rules

By entering a game, youacknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the GeneralRules, and the individual Game Rules of the Casino.
The following general rulesapply:
The Casino reserves the rightto do the following:

  • Disqualify any Players who do not follow Game rules,or who act inappropriately during a game.
  • Alter the rules and make final decisions on all gamerelated issues as they occur.
  • All decisions are at the discretion of the Casino andare considered final.

The following Tournament Rules apply:

All Actions Stand
You determine the action you want to perform in a gameby clicking the appropriate 'Action' button. Once you have selected an action,it is final. You must ensure you select the correct action.

Joining a Tournament
The following rules apply:

  • A player may only play in a tournament they areregistered to play in.
  • The maximum number of players that can enter thetournament may be limited or not, depending on the tournament.

Leaving a Tournament

The following rules apply:

  • Tournaments are played to the end.
  • If a player withdraws from a tournament before it isover, they forfeit their entry fee.
  • If a player does not return to a tournament, theyforfeit their entry fee.

Starting a Tournament

The following rules apply:

  • The maximum number of players that can enter thetournament may be limited or not, depending on the tournament.
  • If you register for a tournament and are not logged onto the Casino system at the time the tournament starts, you forfeit your entryfee.

End of a tournament

Tournaments are over when the time limit expires or the Player has used up alltheir coins.

Cancellation of a Tournament

In the unlikely event that a tournament that is in progress has to be canceled,and the tournament cannot be paused or postponed by a few minutes, each playeris refunded. The greater of either the player's buy-in fee or their prizeamount (if the player is in the lead) will be credited to the player's account.


If a player is disconnected from the system during tournament play, thefollowing rules apply:

  • If a player is disconnected during play, the slot willnot spin on behalf of the player.
  • If the player reconnects within the tournament time,they can continue playing in the tournament.
  • If the player cannot reconnect, their Win Box totalwill remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.

Fixed entry fees

If there is a fixed entry feefor a tournament the following rules apply:

  • The entry fee is charged per tournament.
  • When a player registers for the tournament, thetournament entry fee is immediately deducted from their account.
  • If a player leaves the tournament before play begins,their entry fee is refunded to the player's account.

Tournament Coins

The following rules apply:

  • Players start with a set number of tournament coins atthe beginning of the tournament. These coins are used to play in the tournamentto accumulate a large payout as possible to determine the winner of thetournament.
  • All players start with the same number of tournamentcoins at the beginning of the tournament.
  • Tournament coins have no cash out value, and representno monetary value. They are simply counters for thetournaments.

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Grand Slam of Slots

Million Euro Slots Tournament

The Million Euro Slots Tournament, the greatest online slots tournament ever, has finally arrived. Book your seat to massive casino giveaways with a grand prize of € 1 Million up for grabs. Experience as many as 17-weeks of grand slam of slots entertainment that features weekly freerolls, car giveaways and a further $415,000 in exciting prizes. In addition to all these enticing prizes, you stand a chance to win tickets to the Grand Final Tournament to be held from 22 Oct till 2 Nov 2009. Enjoy playing a selection of the finest online slots games which include the legendary Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider fully equipped with high quality casino technology.

Tournament Schedule

The Million Euro Slots Tournament is scheduled to begin on the 1st of July 2009 and end on the 2nd of November 2009; giving you approximately 17-weeks of adrenalin rush online slot contest. Every week, freeroll tournaments will be played. This will be free for every player with a rebuy of $10. There will be four car giveaway contests, taking place in 3-4 weeks intervals over the course of the tournament. You’ll get full access to exclusive freeroll contests with a rebuy amount of $20 and lucky draws every second week. The Slot tournament results are available on a leaderboard which can be viewed while taking part in the tournament.

Winners Wall

The Million Euro Slots Tournament will feature weekly slot tournament winners with a chance to take part in a Grand Final Tournament for a historical jackpot prize of € 1 Million Euros. Check whether your name is posted on the winners’ wall. You have a chance of winning casino credits and additional special prizes worth up to $415 000. Freeroll winners will receive up to 2,500 credits, Exclusive Freeroll winners will get up to 3,500 credits divided accordingly among the winners. Other players will receive Grand Slam Slots seats into the Final. Only players who purchased at one of the Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos are eligible to play in the final.

How to Play

There are only 1500 tickets to the Grand Final Tournaments, where a lucky player will walk away as the richest online slot tournament winner with a € 1 million jackpot prize reward. Register a real account with any of the Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos, download the casino software and activate the ‘Play Now’ icon. Enter tournaments by double clicking on the icon and select the Million Euro Slots Tournament. Follow the prompt and you’re ready to take part, with massive rewards up for grabs. Slots tournaments played at Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos always offer top class online gaming entertainment.

When I Win

Share your fantasies and let us know how you’d spend the Million Euro jackpot prize. Dreams do come true and if you say it, you can achieve it; just think what you could do with a million. Would you splash out on cruise with all your friends or go on glamorous shopping spree? Send your interesting comments to us and your entry could win you a share of 10, 000 credits in four lucky draws. Be part of history as the Million Euro Slots Tournament is set to change the face of online casino gaming.

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