What would you do ifyou won a Million Euros?

Would you buy thetropical island you have always dreamt of? Would you go on a shopping spree toNew York or Dubai? Would you cruise the Caribbean Islands? Or spoil your familywith gifts!

Send us your comments using the form below.We will choose the most exciting, original and unique comments to publish onthis page every week.

Entries that are publishedwill stand a chance of winning a share of 10,000 credits in 4 lucky draws.

Player's Comments :

"I would get the Million Euros all in ones and fill my room up with them and take a picture for all to see with me laying on top..." - Trudi B

"First, I would invite all of my family over to watch me do a cannonball into the pool (as I've always said I would do if I won alot of money) Then we would have a big party to celebrate. I would spoil everyone-especially my two daughters! But, mostly, I would have to have the smile surgically removed from my face!!" - Selena T

"When i win a million Euros, I'm going to move to Kona, Hawaii and take us tournament marlin fishing with a brand new 32 foot cabin cruiser!" - Lawrence R

"I will kiss my computerand my cats, stand on my desk and dance, and then eat ice cream because I will be so happy!" - Jennifer W

"I'll stare at the notifcation in desbelief, then call to verify it's not some cruel joke, then I'll -probably sit there stunned for a few minutes, then I'll call my husband and some friends, then I'd got to the local Harley dealer and trade in my motorcycle for a new one, then I'd get on it and ride, ride, ride!!" - Renee W

"I would take my family on a ghost hunting trip around the world and visit all the most scary places and then I would buy my hubby a medieval castle because he loves that time so much. With alligators and all!" - Katherine K

"My adventure of a lifetime will start on a remote tropical island.....I will buy myself a hammock supported by two palm trees, swaying in the breeze, listening to the island beat....and a drop-dead gorgeous, sexy cabana boy to serve me rum punch and massage my feet at my beck and call...and if Daniel Craig is available, well, there you have it...one million euros!!!Well spent, well remembered!!! And my husband said he wouldn't even mind!!!!Gotta love it!!!" - Shelly N

"I will be high riding in the French Riviera for a while! locally I have two brothers and a sister that will enjoy a Carribean cruise. Now most of all my best friend will get all the stuffed animals and frizzbees she wants! By the way my best friend is my dobby of ten years now she tells me what game to play and when to stop. She's smarter than me." - Daniel C

"I will jump up and down until I pass out. When I recover I will take my whole family to a tour to Europe. After the vacation I will invest the money and keep some of it to secure the future of my family. And of course GAMBLE some of it!!" - Ben D

"I would get a boob job (heehee) and share the money with my boyfriend and our families and get invitro fertilization so we can have a baby and get my grandmother into a better nursing home." - Amy C

"I would run through the apartment complex yelling to all the loud inconsiderate neighbors to eat their hearts out 'cuz I'm moving to my big ranch in the country.Then I would seriously consider becoming a nudist!" - Lisa C

"I would rent one of those planes that flies banners and my banner would read: I won a cool million. Next, I would fly to my home state to pick up my mom, who is 63 and has never been on an airplane. We would go to one of the world's best spas. Next, we will go on an African Safari. Last but not least, we would go on a shopping spree in Paris." - Lenda W

"I have always wanted sky dive and I think I would have my wedding (sky diving). Just my husband, and I (of course the Priest) saying our vows just mins before we jump." - Christine H

"I will quit my job and take off to multiple destinations across the world for at least 6 months!! When I return, I will buy a big house on the beach with a matching yacht and personal dock!!!" - Denay H

"I would first probably pass out with shock, but once I woke I would scream at the top of my lungs so the world could hear I won.I would then call all the SPCA's on the Island I live on and find out what I could do to help them and the animals. Next would be a large donation to the food banks and homeless shelters. For myself I would finally take a cruise around the world. My main goal would be to help as many people as I could to share the wealth so to speak.I can only dream." - Bonnie W

"I will buy a condo in a warm, sunny place where I can raise fruit trees and listen to the sounds of sea birds and waves lapping the shore. Then I'll set up my laptop and write my memoirs." - Lisa J

"I would take an around the world cruise, go visit the casino headquarters which would be interesting. Paint my house in colored polkadots and light it up like a christmas tree on the roof letters saying I WON!!!!" - Daniel C

"I want to buy a ticket for the first commercial space shuttle flight to the moon. Then buy my dream home and start my own business." - Kay F

"I'd buy a round-the-world plane ticket, and just keep going until I've been to every country I've always dreamed of visiting. Enroute, I'd make surprise arrangements for friends and family to meet me in some fabulous place for their own dream holiday.It would be so exciting to have an opportunity to give my loved ones such amazing and unforgettable experiences!" - Pauline B

"When I win the Million....I will take a trip to visit my favorite VIP Casino Host, Ben. Then travel around the U.S. donating to help animals of all kinds and sizes. That way I will fulfill 3 dreams...visiting Ben, helping the animals, & travel the states." - Wendy S

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When I Win

Share your fantasies and let us know how you’d spend the Million Euro jackpot prize. Dreams do come true and if you say it, you can achieve it; just think what you could do with a million. Would you splash out on cruise with all your friends or go on glamorous shopping spree? Send your interesting comments to us and your entry could win you a share of 10, 000 credits in four lucky draws. Be part of history as the Million Euro Slots Tournament is set to change the face of online casino gaming.

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